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Most salads arrive at supermarkets 5-7 days after harvest, after having travelled thousands of miles, losing vital vitamins, nutrition, and freshness along the way. Our produce is grown locally, picked at the height of freshness, and delivered to your doorstep within hours of harvest. It’s the next best thing to growing it yourself!

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Meet Farah Daruwalla!
Seedle Farms

MEET Farah

After spending the lockdown months growing lettuce and cherry tomatoes in her building garden, she realised the need for fresh, nutritious and pesticide free produce in her daily life as well as for her friends and family. From this passion for greens, Seedle Farms was born.

How do we grow your favourite salads

Our process is simple. We start with non-GMO seeds and water, add the power of light, and voila! Perfect produce. Growing indoors allows us complete control over everything in and around the greens, so you can trust your salad is ready to eat, right out of the box.

While field-grown greens might say ‘triple-washed’ – Seedle Farms greens are clean from farm to table. No rinsing required. Seedle Farms grows indoors with only seeds and water: no soil, dirt, or field to wash off. The process is so short, simple, and squeaky clean; no chemicals or flushes are needed to treat the greens before they are packaged.

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Seedle Farms is an Hydroponic farm. This means our crops are grown in water instead of soil. Don’t worry, this isn’t a new age experiment – hydroponics can be traced back to the Aztec civilisation!


We grow our salad greens in the centre of Mumbai city. Our salads and salad greens reach your door step within a day they are harvested.


We don’t use pesticides and herbicides. Our salads are extremely rich in nutrients. Good for the planet, good for you.
Delicious & Fresh
No Pesticides. No GMO
Door Step Delivery
Seedle Farms
Grown for Locals!

Our Products

Not just one, but a box full of superfoods for your brain! With strong flavours and a curious combination full of surprises. More spice, more antioxidants to keep you alive, movin’ and thrivin’


A little bit of sweetness, a whole lot of snackible crunch! This powerpacked bunch stimulates happiness hormones that makes you feel full of energy, strength and positivity!


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