Topping Colour Party

A box full of superfoods for your brain! This spicy combination rich in Vitamin K and potassium, is said to increase brain power, memory retention and improve neuron health. What we’re basically saying is….. Eat your way to greatness!


Wed, 24th Feb 2021

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What's Inside?

Bell Peppers

Our Coloured Capsicums are massive, juicy and extremely crunchy.

Ingredient Benefit

Cherry Tomatoes

Round, Citrusy and Succulent. Firm, Crunchy and Bursting with Flavour! Our Red Cherry Tomatoes are ideal for snacking, salads, sauces and  are versatile for any culinary use.

Ingredient Benefit

Turkish Cucumbers

Seedless. Unbitter. Smaller. Crunchier. Simply perfect to pair along with a dip, even better without!

Ingredient Benefit

Yellow Grape Tomatoes

Slightly Sweet. Nourishing and Delicious. Hygienically Grown and packed with nutrients and minerals. Bite sized, meaty snacking tomatoes which are perfect for any occasion.

Ingredient Benefit

Delicious & Fresh
No Pesticides. No GMO
Door Step Delivery